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Hi, it’s Zofia again:) My journey with Yoga Tenerife is coming to the end. But what feels like the end is often the beginning… What I learn, what I feel, the inspiration I get, I can take with me whenever I go!

My internship experience with Yoga Tenerife

My five-month internship in Tenerife passed inexorably quickly. What I have been able to experience during this time fills me with gratitude and fulfilment. I am pleased that it has been possible to realise varied projects using different disciplines and yet combine them into a common whole. This enabled me to try my hand at marketing, which was a new challenge for me. Under Eva’s guidance and by doing online training courses, I was able to acquire new knowledge and experience and use it in my work for Yoga Tenerife. Tasks in this area included: Marketing Strategy Development, Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Analytics, Research, and Reporting, Market Trends and Competitive Analysis. 

I found it very interesting to do research and create content on the impact of physical activity, yoga and meditation on mental health and wellbeing. I also had the opportunity to explore the philosophy of yoga, especially when writing an article about the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Due guided supervision by a professional, regular meetings and feedback I felt secure and self-efficacy about what I was doing. Working in a small and friendly environment that encourages me to act and supports my ideas has motivated me even more. I could develop my interests and realise ideas by creating graphics, photos and videos. I draw my inspiration mainly from the surrounding nature, the power of the ocean.

What was very important to me was the opportunity to assist and participate in regular yoga classes. I had the opportunity to see how a yoga school functions, the challenges and opportunities a teacher faces and how Eva runs her classes. It inspired me a lot and I think it might help me to run my own workshops in the future. Even though there are already a lot of teachers, Eva made me realize that the most important thing is to develop your own style, do it with passion, in your own authentic way.

Erasmus Internship in Tenerife

What have we been working on lately?

Last weeks we have been working with Eva on an online yoga course. It’s the complex yoga course that brings you around Tenerife. Recording and preparing such a project was a really interesting process. I could take part in making it from the beginning to the end. We travelled around the island, looking for the best spots for practice. I love the result and I just can’t wait for it to be released. 

From the beginning Eva was very open and enthusiastic to my ideas. Thanks to her trust and support I was able to realise my ideas. What I really liked was the opportunity to spread psychological knowledge, well-being and mindfulness. Spending 5 months working with Eva allowed me to grow personally, gain new practical skills, and improve social skills. Additionally, due to flexible working hours I was able to focus on a regular yoga practice, go surfing and start learning Spanish.

erasmus internship in tenerife

What will I take home from my internship in Tenerife?

My Erasmus internship was much more than I expected. It was a lot about passion, sharing ideas, meeting inspirational people and releasing moments on the mat.  After a few months of  regular yoga practice with Eva I feel more strong in my body and also with myself. I gained more confidence to become a yoga teacher and try my hand at teaching. 

I feel grateful and blessed for everything that surrounded me. Days full of yoga, working on creative projects, surfing and watching sunsets at the end of the day. I think that Tenerife is extraordinary place but what made my experience special were the people I met and memories I made. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with me. This experience has strong impact on my personal life and professional career. 

Thanks so much that I could be part of your yoga community! I really hope to come back soon!:)